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OK, so maybe this isn't original. Maybe countless families, cooks, and rat-lovers alike have watched this heartwarming film and then tried to recreate the recipe. But I just couldn't let it go unaddressed. 

Last night I watched the film, Ratatouille. Yes, I was inspired because I made that ratatouille recipe the night before. Yes, I went to the video store, perused the children's section, and looked the cashier in the eye when I placed the cartoon-rat-bestrewn box on the counter. Yes, I was alone. And, yes, now I'm going to gush about it.

What a sweet and inspiring story! I highly recommend this to families who want to encourage cooking at home. The story not only makes cooking exciting and fun, but is also quite educational. Remy, the rat-chef-hero, is a regular Jacques Pépin, and if he doesn't get you excited about food and cooking, then I don't think we have a chance. 

I foresee an FITR community or school event with a free showing of Ratatouille and a featured meal-kit with the recipe...

AND! Remy's ratatouille recipe, I swear, is identical to the one we posted yesterday. (The top photo is his and the bottom one is mine.) He even covers the dish in parchment! He was clearly the inspiration for both Keller's and Smitten's confit byaldi recipes. The overarching theme of the movie comes from Remy's inspiration, a cookbook written by his favorite chef entitled, Anyone Can Cook! I know, I know, I'm going off about a cartoon rat movie, but honestly, we at FITR can't stress our support of this theme enough. Remy may be a gifted French chef, but I could recreate his recipe in my tiny kitchen with just a few dollars and a half-size oven. I promise, you can, too!

Try it. And let us know how it goes! We may just feature YOU next time, instead of the rat.

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